Bison Economy Roller Garage Doors Economy Roller Garage Doors for St Briavels,, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Affordable Convenience

If the budget is high on your priority list, you can still install a quality steel roller garage door from Bison. It will still be fitted by our expert team and offer the convenience of remote control options.

So how do we do it? How can we install a quality door and give good service while still saving you money?

The answer lies in the materials. By using a narrower lath (55mm as opposed to 77mm), the steel curtain can be made thinner. This combined with the narrower lath makes the curtain much lighter. Therefore it can still be reliably opened and closed using a smaller motor. Quite simply; reduced material cost and less expensive motor = double savings.

This is also useful if you have limited headroom over the door aperture as the curtain rolls up into a much smaller box.

Safety is Not an Optional Extra

One area in which we will never compromise is your safety. Some garage door offers using the narrower laths do not include a safety brake.

That means that if the motor should fail, the curtain will fall unchecked. The consequences don't bear thinking about if someone happens to be walking under the door at the time.

For that reason, every Bison roller garage door from the most economic to the most sophisticated is installed with a high quality safety brake, so if there is a power failure, the curtain will stop dead.

if you are being offered a door and the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is one of the corners that is cut far too often. So, if you don't like the answer, call Bison.

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